If you are carrying out work that is notifiable under the Act then you are required to serve Notice.

Examples of notifiable work are a) cutting into a party wall to install beams for a loft conversion, b) removing a chimney breast that is attached to a party wall, c) excavating for foundation for a house extension within 3 metres and below the level of the foundation to your neighbours property d) underpinning works to a party wall, e) Constructing a basement within certain distance of neighbours' property.

If you are carrying out notifiable work you must serve a Notice on the neighbour (adjoining owner). The Act sets out the timescale for serving the Notice. It is 2 months for works to a party wall or party structure, and 1 month for excavation works.

Upon receipt of a Notice, your neighbour (the Adjoining Owner) has several options. They can consent to the proposed works, or dissent to the proposed works, If they fail to respond within 14 days they are deemed to have dissented.

When the adjoining owner dissents to a notice (or is deemed to have dissented) then the Act requires Surveyors to be appointed and they will prepare and serve a party wall award.

KMASS can prepare Notices on your behalf for a modest fee.

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