Sections 10(16) & 10(17) of the Act deals with this question, and as follows:

“(16) The award shall be conclusive and shall not except as provided by this section be questioned in any court.

 (17) Either of the parties to the dispute may, within the period of fourteen days beginning with the day on which an award made under this section is served on him, appeal to the county court against the award and the county court may— (a) rescind the award or modify it in such manner as the court thinks fit; and (b) make such order as to costs as the court thinks fit.”

As soon as an Award is served, the Building Owner has the right to proceed with the notifiable works as set out in the provisions within the award.

 An Adjoining Owner has 14 days from service to appeal an award.

A Building Owner also has 14 days from service to appeal an award.

 It may be necessary for an adjoining owner to also seek an injunction in order to stop works until a court hearing is conducted. We would recommend that legal advice be sought prior to lodging an appeal and / or seeking an injunction particularly bearing in mind the costs and timescales that can be incurred.

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